Solar Power Generator

Unique, World's only Solution, Designed & Developed to Provide 24x7 Energy with Li Ion Energy Storage.

Pollution Free Energy, Self Installation and Total Energy Security are some of its Salient Features.

Generator is supplied complete with Solar Panels and Cables to assist in quick Commissioning.
Product Features
  • World's Most Cost Effective Advanced Hybrid Solution to Provide 24x7 Energy Supply
  • Replace Diesel/Petrol Based Standby Reliable Energy Source
  • Designed to Connect Load From 600W to 9KW
  • Generates Power from 2.4KWH/Day to 36KWH/Day
  • Designed to Self Install with Touch Screen Display to Monitor Key Operating Parameters
  • Visually Identifiable Color Coded Connectors to Connect PV DC Input, Grid AC Input, Generator AC Output
        and Generator DC Output
  • Lithium Ion (LifePO4) Energy Storage From 2.4KWH to 43.2KWH
  • Smart Preferential Load Selection
  • Stores Power for 24x7 Use – No More Blackouts
  • Ready to Meet Your Energy Needs On or Off Grid
  • Maintenance Free Self Contained Unit with Sealed Energy Storage
  • No Sound Pollution – No Air Pollution – No Chemical Waste – Eco-Friendly
  • Your Energy Security with Reduced Energy Bill
  • Carry Extended Warranty Up To 5 Years

Most Suitable For
      • Rural Electrification
                         - Most Cost Effective Solution
                         - No Need To Draw Grid Cables
                         - No Need to Install Grid Substations
                         - No Need to Set Up Distribution Network
  • Urban Domestic Use- 2.5KWH/Day to 36KWH Per Day
  • Remotely Located Bank Branches/Post Offices
  • Remotely Located Nursing Homes & Clinics Providing Primary Health Care Services
  • Remotely Located Highway Eateries
  • Remotely Located Schools & Police Stations
  • Energizing Porta Cabins/Caravans
                     - Remote Defense/Army Locations
                     - On Shore Oil & Gas Drilling Sites
  • Remote Defense/Army Locations
  • On Shore Oil & Gas Drilling Sites
  • Beach/Highway Camping